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"It is essential that people use their vote. My Vote Advisor is a useful guide for people to find out in which direction their preferences should take them. A political is a useful democratic tool!."

Sir Bob Geldof, Musician and Political Activist

"My vote adviser. It cuts through the spin and gives you the facts to enable you to vote on policies not just personalities. Great idea."

Sir Richard Branson, Head of the Virgin Group

"My Vote Advisor is a great way to help decide which party to vote for. It is then important to fully support whoever is elected."

Simon Woodruff OBE, Entrepreneur and ex-'Dragon'

"The media have overwhelmingly focused their coverage on Labour, Conservatives and the Lib Dems. However, when you look at their manifestos, these parties have remarkably similar polices. Websites, such as myvoteadvisor, help you compare all party policies in a clear way, and that can only be good for transparency, accountability and democracy."

Caroline Lucas, Green Party Leader

“The emergence of digital tools and online media has been one of the defining features of this election. Websites that help the people navigate the political terrain are crucial in promoting democracy and accountability.”

Jeremy Hunt, Conservative MP for South West Surrey and Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport

"Websites like this one are an invaluable way for voters to assess each party's policies in a clear and unbiased way.  Anything that brings voters closer to the issues and does so in a way that is convenient to them is an initiative that deserves support and success."

Stuart King, Parliamentary Candidate, Labour Party

"Websites like My Vote Advisor play an important role in elections.  They give people a chance to vote for policies rather than personalities or tribal loyalties.  It all goes to help better explain party platforms and educate voters to the policies of parties they may not consider voting for but realise, after taking the test, that they have a lot in common with."

David Campbell Bannerman, Dept Leader, UKIP

"The bite-size anonymised answers to policy questions will be of interest to voters the length and breadth of Wales and are another innovation which will hopefully encourage more people to think differently in the imminent Westminster election. With a hung parliament looking ever more likely, it's important that voters understand  the parties' principled positions on important subjects like protecting vulnerable pensioners, scrapping Trident and the war in Afghanistan."

Nerys Evans AM, Director of Policy, Plaid Cymru

"MyVoteAdvisor is a great way of taking the pain out of finding out the parties views on the issues that matter to you."

Chris Huhne, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson:

"A window of opportunity is emerging for Scotland and websites like will help people make the right decision."

Angus Robertson, MP for Moray and SNP's Westminster leader

"My Vote Advisor is so easy ever a footballer can use it! I rated the responses and found out who to vote for - it actually made me realise how important my vote is"

John Hartson, Ex Wales, Arsenal and Celtic Footballer

"I think My Vote Advisor is a fantastic website, which gives neutral information for specific political policies allowing people to make informed decisions when voting. Having already made a choice on who I would vote for, I was happy I was able to confirm my views based on specific policies which I believe in, namely the NHS and education. I will be recommending the website to my colleagues to help them make the right choice for them."

Carla Whitehead, NHS Staff Nurse