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In the future you may wish to contact the millions of people who are interested in securing their best interests through democratic means.
Anyone can create a votecast...


We promise to contact members of this site in circumstances such as this; if you are resident group concerned about government action on a building development or a commercial group concerned about a once way system, then perhaps you would like to get the facts out on this website and allow the people who are affected to make an informed decision and, hopefully, give your cause a great deal more oomph.


Over 15,000 people stand in local elections every year, perhaps you are interested in raising the profile of your election by alerting local residents and giving them the opportunity to know more than in any election before? If so, can help you improve the power of democracy.


If you are conducting an in house policy review why not use our platform to allow your people to make a decision with privacy. Therafter you can use the results to make the best decision for your company.

How to start the process...

To create a vote on this site, please contact Peter Griffiths; we'd love to help!