About Us

My Vote Advisor is an internet tool created to make the decision making process for voting easier. For every vote offered on the site, the data is directly provided by the people trying to win your support, not interpreted by a third party.

We decided that with so many divisive issues at the heart of politics it was about time the public had something that helped them choose the party with the most similar opinions to their own. To do this we contacted the major political parties and questioned them on fifty of the most important policies at this time. As the user you can check these opinions, rate them, and then, with the help of our simple calculator, view the results.

Step 1 - Chose the vote you are interested in.
Step 2 - Read the simple user instructions.
Step 3 - Grade the contributors anonymous responses to important vote topics and rate the importance of the issue to you.
Step 4 - Provide your postcode and email so that in future we can alert you of other important votes in your area.
Step 5 - View your results and analyse the reasons.

In future you may want to create a vote on an issue that is important to you.

My VoteAdvisor was created by Peter Griffiths in 2009 with web design and development by 1choice internet ltd.

All feedback is greatly appreciated.